Glue Rat Trap

Glue traps, also known as glue boards, are trays coated with an extremely strong adhesive. Any animal who touches one becomes stuck and unable to escape. The animal is immobilised but not killed outright. Depending on how frequently the trap is checked, animals can be stuck anywhere from a hours to days. They may be trapped on their side, or face down, by all legs or just one, and will often cry out in distress. Trapped animals struggle to free themselves and may become more and more embedded in the glue. After a fruitless struggle, they may succumb to exhaustion, collapse face down in the glue, and die of suffocation when the glue lodges in their nasal passages. Most often death comes from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration, and starvation. This can take anywhere from three to 24 hours, or more.

Simran Industrial Corporation is leading Manufacturer of Mouse Glue Traps G2S, Rat Glue Trap TGB, Mouse Glue Traps G2XL, Mouse Glue Traps G2M, Rat Glue Trap TGS and Rat Glue Trap TGM from Jalandhar, India.