• Material : Iron
  • Brand : Lion
  • Color : Golden
  • Surface Treatment : Galvanized
  • Country of Origin : Made in India
  • Model : Big

Lion Big Rat Trap

Product Description

Rat cage is a physical trap to catch live rodents without killing them.

About this item

  • QUALITY & MATERIAL ? This Rat Catcher Cage Is Proudly Made In India. The Rat Trap Cage Is Made With Iron. Which Provides Round Shape and Hardness To Cage. This Rat Catcher Machine Is Comes With an Automatic Rat Trapper System Mechanism.
  • APPEARANCE ? The Color Of rat Trap Cage Is Golden. Which Provides a Shiny Look To Mouse Trap or Mice Trap. This Rodent Cage Has a Food hanger Hook And Door Locker Hook as Trap System. We Can Use This Trap as a Rat Catcher, Mouse Trap, Mice Traps, or Squirrel Trap Cage. 
  • EASY TO USE ? First, Hang Some Food On Food Hanger Hook Inside The Trap Cage Then Lock The Back Door With Hook. After That Put The Trap Where Rat, Mouse, Mice Are Mostly Seen. When Target Comes To Get Food, Entrance Door Step Down Because Spring Mechanism And Weight of Rat And Then Target Will Be Locked In Cage.
  • EASY TARGET RELEASE ? When Target Is Locked In The Cage We Have To Simply Move The Cage Outside/Far From Residential Area And Open Back Door Then Target is Go Out. This Is Not Rat Killer Trap It Is Rat Catcher So We Don’t Have To Touch Rat, Mouse, or Mice.
  • MANAGE & CLEAN ? Use Piece Of Bred, Wafer, Biscuit, Roti, Chapati As Trap Food And Hang It On Hanging Iron Pin. This Trap Is Easy To Clean, You Can Easily Clean It With a Cotton Cloth. Please Do Not Use Rat Killer Traps, Who Kill The Rats, Mouse or Mice. This Causes a Stanch And Is Also Cruel.